شرکت باور نوين هور
طراح ، مشاور و مجري پروژه هاي معماري و معماري داخلي




Architecture can be looked at either as the essence and fruit of love or, like a machine, as an answer to some particular human needs. However, it can cover both sides; our needs arising from the external world abreast the love radiating from the inside are so artistically joined in architecture that the resulting product possesses identity speaking of both the internal and external world and deserving the deal, genuine image the architecture has had in mind in the first step.

The architecture can provide those looking at his creative hands with simplest answers and at the same time through these simple formula respects people’s needs, commuting and their environmental behavior so that he meets the highest limits of human imagination.

 Architecture in the focusing centre of a triangle of which smart designing and execution, intelligent supporters and the logical management of investment are significant angle